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Progress - Prosperity - Partnership
An asset as good as gold

Why APS?

As our clients have discovered, the difference with APS is its spirit of partnership. When we sign a contract with a client, we go far beyond our commercial obligations. We manage the designated property as though it is our own.

We develop a bonding with our clients, establish rapport with their tenants and connect closely with every service provider. Every member of the APS management team and professionals in our operations team are committed to uphold our corporate values of integrity, sincerity, teamwork and transparency. Such extraordinary inputs are bound to bring in exemplary results. You can expect from us not just management of brick and mortar, but building of bridges with every constituent in the eco system.
Alliance Property Services – adding value to your assets
Alliance Property Services is a leading property services company, registered in Abu Dhabi. It operates with guidance and participation from reputed Emiratis.

The core activity of the company is Property Management and Facilities Management in residential, commercial, financial, retail, healthcare and educational sectors.

APS is an end-to-end service provider offering a gamut of services under one roof - leasing, property management, maintenance, cleaning services and security services.
Landed Property – an asset as good as gold
Can you think of an asset more valuable than property? Can you think of an investment better than infrastructure? Around the world, the propensity for investment in property is propelled by the intrinsic value it can generate, for generations.

It is an unchallenged axiom that in the long term, property can yield the highest and safest returns. Business empires and personal fortunes have been built on prudent purchases at the right time, at the right place.

Yet, property cannot remain as mere investment. It has to be managed, nurtured and value added at every stage of its life cycle. Evolving challenges, such as legal compliance, environmental norms, and safety mandates have to be adhered to in real time. The perennial objective would be to protect the property and its users, from one era to another.

How much can the owner manage on one’s own? How can he or she keep pace with changes, amongst existing commitments? The ideal solution is to entrust the management of property to a company that has a proven track record, domain knowledge and industry expertise. A company that is more a partner than a service provider.
Our services scope
  • Advice on achieving value for money in selection, acquisition, operations, and disposal of property assets

  • Management of assets including their maintenance, inspection and renewal

  • Provision of timely information to the property owner from the perspectives of budgeting, income potential, long range planning, and legal / environmental compliance

  • Achieving the best returns and financial benefit for owners, through effective cost control and efficient budgeting.